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TC031 - The Doing, The Being, And All There Is In Between S3E5

TC031 - The Doing, The Being, And All There Is In Between

This Connectionism is different than the rest as it opened up quicker than it normally would. It is believed that the source of separation that is the main condition of our collective living as a race and species have been witnessed and one ended up asking what else is there, could there be anything else? 3 sections, 3 ambient tunes and 3 monologues

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HiAnd here. Stare.

It's today how today will start

This our was start

You knowNo. Come to this point.

About starting or weird

You know usual having a topic to talk about
or some sort of an idea helps a lot

But also has its own awkwardness to it

You need to be prepared in order to

Go into whatever you want to go into

But how can I be prepared if I want to just
go into myself

RightHow do you prepare to go into yourself.

Do you prepare topics you ask yourself what
is bothering me or you know having an idea
about what is bothering me and then go into
the idea but then I'm going into the idea

Rather than going into myselfAnd I can say
well I am the idea I call you that sold the
one through that.

So actually but I prefer candles lights and
candles have some scents

Maybe maybe that's one way to it you know

But this is kind of like the same when it
comes to relationships now

I don't know about you but

Sometimes you know I think that long last
thing friends and family is one thing you

You can doYou don't care about having
expectations and others still there you

And you prepare for parties or for meetings
of her meals and it's fine enjoyable as this
but also was interesting is like now we have
such great access for technology

That everything is just literally a click
away with it was the movie night wasn't like
an exerciser during exercise or lycanroc for
a YouTube channel video online

Activity learning something together doing
anything it's just a click away

You can Converse together also is a world

So everything in order to be together and
communicate with each other is so accessible
yet it's open fear so far

Are we are so far from each other from
withinIt seems that.

The way we communicateNo it's not even about
the way.

I think

Seat it's it's a stupid question to ask as I
can you prepare going into yourself but a
little bit shocking that myself is something
this war for buried deep within


Everything I'm dealing with it is just
basically iCloud of ideas of what will make
it's like this self of mine is

Is something is on the back taking a seats
in the background and as you know
interpreting the day today mainstream as the
front you have

Brain like or whatever this person who's
like you know

Was self-appointed themselves delegating in
order to get the self that yourself in the
background it wants to be happy to make it
happy you make it satisfied or

Is a great distance between the doingAnd the

Yeah I think that's what I'm trying to say
is the greatest definitely good this is
between the doing in the b

I think in all that comes the ambition d
fearsHopes dreams.

The whole thing contact the whole content
that I'm ok by blood in my daily life

And when that idea doesn't work or some
certain kind of doing does not work this is
so much

It is a great tool I think that's right word
decorate it back that's a on the being or my

It's definitely if my doing

How can I say if my unachieved doing

If my energy affect my being and there is

Is the distance between the two as it makes
sense I'm trying to think about never
thought about it like that

Doing and the being a one two separate parts
but you know the mine maybe our current mine
work a particular mind

That's so so it's like I'm doing this to be
that right so well interesting so I'm doing
this to be that or doing this not to be this
or that

Toast like there's a relationship between
the doing in the being

They said they doing the action and the
being the feelings or the internal
experience really

So you're working for yourself you're doing
it for yourself it's always selfish you know


In the middle between is all the contents

And the buffet ideas all that which we went
into many many times beforeBut.

Not received my head's like what I do and I

Particular daily minesAnd.

AndReality reality.

Why are we separate

I don't see a point why they are separate

I know you don't why is my doing in my being

Why am I doing in my beingOr why. Or why
they doing and being are separate.


Could you talk about how separate we are in
daily line right and our lives and how
separate we are the gym

Ethnicity is racist whatever you want to
call or separate and it's such a sad sad
thing right that's all the destruction the
woman on that but

Not what you do

Or how you feel you'll see it's just the
problem is there there is separation is
conflict comparison

What's managing The Separation is the

Very clearlyIs 1-in 2.

2-in to whatever is here

Is separation discomfort this comparison

Is maintained as well managed

By the content

By the rules basically what the structuresOr
the structure.

That is in only have a structural is made


What happensWhen I look into this.

What happens to my doing what happens to my

What happened to the contentAnd I carry with

The contact that I carry with me about you
carry the kind of data carry with me about

What my day about my fasting as ourBut I
want to have.

To see the see the source of a lot of the
problemEach moment.

To see the problem itself expressed

Each moment whenever it is there

So basically 2 weeks to notice

BR2 noticeWhat's going on and why is coming
on when it's going on.

MixObserving. The.

It makes it makes the observing

The occupation or the action or the process
of observation

Clearly more clearly

And now it's like observation observation
into whatever is going on separate or not
surprised no that doesn't make it the
separate activity in so like I'm doing
something you know the to be something again
to see it so it would be part of that

But is my observation separate from my doing
and is my observation also separate from the

At the moment we can really pinpoint them
out exactly being you know and whatever
ideas and they're doing also

What kind of the being is just about to
doing in the doing is just about by the Bee

In the morning now observe in all that

What does that mean

Was it beenAwareness all that.

Just now it's just like this just they're
just words

Not the happening of

Or the state changes in front of you

You know when the perception changes

That's maybe one way of looking at
observation that that Wenger The Happening
of the change perception

Or the changing of the perception

Could be elements factors that the allottee
because of any scoring science of oneself
the expiry

Is the changing of the changing of

Do another fact which makes the Old effect
at a fact in fact

That you know

The movement of content the movement of my

What's the movement of reality

Is there something else

What is the top 0

And be observed

This is what's also likeAm I up serving or
am I being observed.

Observed that is being observed

And we just like is it the movement that's
being observed

Even through the content or is there or the
movement of the content between the doing
and being

Or just the movement of the Continent that I
got loads of doing or being

And that's a thing to be observed

But what is it to observe

That may be that when we talk about this
topic on this point of observation or
awareness or witness it's just matter of
shocking the organism that I call myself

That that I am nothing more than

Startup memory

So that kind of freezers that movement

And yet one still alive

And maybe also is freed from whatever it was

Eating the energy out of lurking whatever

That still that doesn't touch whatever the
question is what what is observation

WitnessingJust witnessing what is it what is

I really don't know

Is there

I don't know from where

And to what

Even though I don't even know if it's

Can't even sell for what cause I can tell
for what exactly what about I wanted to be
to free me or whatever you want to come

Usually I'm relax about contractual I love
that but loves me

I respect that with respect me

Alright because I respect me

Seems to be something at this out of that
they come from that

So I think maybe you are talking about this
observation observation that whatever is
number but now

Now it seems like wherever is beyond the
content and the movement of the content of
the memory in this organism that is
inseparable part as well so they're being
the doing and all there is in between

The whole movie between these kind of things
this kind of zones that say

Because already I'm a fragmented conditioned

To my sensations and my senses are already
hijacked or already colour though

So now you can

It's like if you don't observe that noticed
that come aware of that not as an idea
actually real-time that that oh I'm in my
doing I'm in my being or I won this you know
this thing this movement

Then you really can't observe but then after
that what is there to observe

There's nothing really talked to be observed

Or is it really nothing to be observed

Or only nothing to be observed on the

And done with the movement of Separation at


Does that mean that thought actually method

Whatever that means

Just maybe tackled in a scientific way
rather than me looking at it is

Is became illuminated like you know kind of
appeared in it's entirety

Yeah there is there is there nothing a
matter of I'm not asking to know

No but there is this

What comes to mind sublimeAddictive

Fingers going further than that in logic or
trying to name it directly I think maybe
that's not conditioner commissioned

You know to oneself not gonna care about
others and Culture now we're done with all
that you know I am

Large energy or put energy in the right

Expenditure Avengers the energy
appropriation of it

At idea what about said like it's like I
like you the radio shop but actually to be
seen in oneself

That opens up something

I like that is not purposed

Just it's full

Something desirable is intangible

All these things are because of the value of
life on the value of living becomes an in
tangible thing

I want to compare it to a typical line now

Just luck

We're here for each other I think that this
is maybe the shortest connection is I ever

Because I think we started on the right way
for some reason

Mr this back again maybe we can share and
now you can play in a serious way

Let's play in a serious way that's all
sorted thing why can't we just play the
series way

It is something fun has a certain time what
can do it you're not properly how to waste
time properly and I waste time for that

Open up the door for something is like while
running away from something

What is this activity of dozing download so

It's not it wasn't dreadful maybe it was in
the beginning but

Don't get me wrong I'm excited to go out
specially the summer is coming in anymore

Enjoy too much coffee is over but just you
know just to enjoy the weather is just a
blessing by itself

But in general

Close contact with painHas value.

Great value as long as it's there

What's your healthy sound and willing

Just willing not willing on anything just

Is another loan and I'm sure that I am not
alone as well

I was and I think helps

Turn on the train at alone but you are alone
I'm not gonna like me or something but you
know you're not going to be alone


So whenever I feel alone what is that

Until the day were you know

Well it's notYou guys.

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